General Contracting Services

  1. Disaster Response cleanup – Almost immediately after a disaster, we bring our equipment out (or instruct subcontractors) and begin clearing road ways and gathering debris to take to a TDRS site.
  2. TDRS Management – Set up a temporary location for cleanup crews to deliver debris to be processed. Location will reduce debris through grinding, burning, or other means.
  3. Monitoring – Organize, Label, Record, and Track debris being delivered to processing site. We measure and label all trucks to be used in collection and use that data to determine delivery quantities as each truck delivers debris. This data is used for billing purposes.
  4. Canal Remediation/Cleanup & Bank Stabilization – Erosion and other natural disturbances wear down canal banks over time. We regrade the canals per contract specs to encourage bank stabilization in addition to the aesthetic benefits. Then we typically install turbidity reinforcement mat along the bank that forces the bank to retain its newly graded slope and prevents further erosion. Finally, we either lay sod, hydroseed, or both along the canal bank. A few other means of bank stabilization that we perform are gabion baskets (large metal net baskets that are filled with rock and wired shut. placed like building blocks along canal banks to prevent eriosion) or installing concrete walls. This service will always be done in the manner the contract determines which will differ.
  5. Land Clearing/Excavation/Demolition – Large scale tree/vegetation removal. Demolition of buildings and structures. Grading areas and installing/removing fill as needed. Removing fill and digging ponds, lakes, or canals and grading to contract specs.
  6. Natural Areas Establishment/Nuisance Exotics Removal – Excavate and remove invasive or unwanted plants from parks or other areas. Order, Plant, Establish, and Maintain native(wanted) plants in parks. Dig mud flats and install oyster beds to encourage natural recruitment of native and beneficial plants and animal life.
  7. Arborist Services – We have few contracts with companies to trim their trees. This involves going to the site and observing which trees need to be trimmed and the locations of the cuts by an experienced tree trimmer. Next is making the correct cuts, then gathering up the debris, chipping the debris, and bringing the mulch to our sites (or leaving it there, at the owner’s request).

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