South Florida Water Management District

Client: South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)

Contract Amount: $1,323,880.43

Project Description:
Clearing and grubbing of approximately 1700 LF of the river-bank. Excavation of a keyway at the bottom of the river, and re-grading of the slopes. Installation of geotextile fabric, bedding stone, and (FDOT) rip rap material. Demolition of concrete slab and installation of a new slab. Repair and extension of RCP drainage outfall pipes. Formed and poured in-place (FDOT) pipe collars, cradles, and headwalls with Manatee grates. Installation of a new (FDOT) Type B fence for the entire length of the project. The majority of all clearing, excavation, and installation operations were accomplished by an excavator working from a barge.

“Quality of Work Completed: Exceptional”
-Lai Shafau, Project Manager, South Florida Water Management District


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