E-8 Canal, Repair and Stabilization

Client: City of Port St. Lucie, FL

Contract Amount: $258,822.39

Project Description:
Excavation and disposal of unsuitable marl/clay soils and installation of soil erosion protection layer of turf reinforcement mat (Pyramat) on sections of the E-8 Canal (approximately 2000 LF)

“ATL completed all phases of work on time, on budget, and without incident. Their Project Managers are especially keen in the approach of working safely along and in a water environment and project planning for such work. Their responsiveness to detail and timeline permits them to provide a seamless project approach, allowing the project to be constructed according to design and with great visual benefits, especially for residents abutting said work and the community as a whole.”
-Larry Nadeau, Project Manager, City of Port St. Lucie, FL ”

City of Melbourne, Canal Bank Stabilization

Client: City of Melbourne, FL

Contract Amount: $1,524,138.88

Project Description:
Clearing and grubbing 2,500 LF of canal bank. Prepared the slope and flow line for the installation of gabion baskets. Installed gabions to the lines and grades reflected within the construction plans. Placed backfill material in controlled lifts to meet the 95% density level requirement of the contract specifications. Graded the right-of-way road per plan and placed sod to prevent erosion of the newly repaired bank. Installed geotextile fabric, bedding stone, and FDOT riprap at each end of canal around the mitered end sections of the culvert pipes. Restored asphalt walkway at entrance of job site.

“ATL did an excellent job on the canal; their work was both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing….The work area intersects with two busy city streets: Florida Avenue on one end and University Boulevard on the other end; the MOT plan…was very organized and kept disruption of traffic flow to a minimum.”
“ATL was also very responsive; the project had a very strict timeline, and they were able to mobilize immediately and complete the project on time….ATL Diversified Industries provided the City with quality work, equipment and expertise.”
-Jenni Lamb, City Engineer, City of Melbourne, FL

Howard Creek






Client: City of Port St. Lucie, FL

Contract Amount: $689,665.68

Project Description:
Removal of vegetation in an environmentally sensitive area of Howard Creek to improve water flow in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane. Required the construction of a maintenance road and temporary rock bridges for equipment transport, as well as installation of riprap and pipes. Turbidity controls, gopher tortoise and indigo snake protection measures required.

“The Howard Creek Phase I Segment I required flexible approaches and a deep commitment to applying partnered concepts with the City and property owners, but yet at a fixed value. The project outcome was overwhelmingly received with admiration by all.”
-Larry Nadeau, Project Manager, City of Port St. Lucie, FL

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